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“you’re growing up,maybe next you’ll start eating your vegetables”

shirt – Dirty Violet burnout t-shirt. jeans – Gap 1969 always skinny fit. bag – zarabasic.

I told one of my good friends the exciting news that I had finally gotten my G1 (driving learner’s permit in Ontario). See title for his response. What a comic.

I’m still excited about receiving it though. Excited to get behind the wheel!

The jeans I’m wearing are the Gap 1969 ultra skinny fit. Probably my favourite feature about these jeans is that they are 99% cotton and 1% elastane. I hate when jeans stretch out, especially in the waist. Having to wear a belt with all my jeans – not as an accessory but as a neccessity – became quite tiresome. I’ve been wearing these jeans for about 3 days so far, and haven’t noticed much stretching in the waist, and a bit of stretching in the legs.

back of the shirt.

The graphic on the back of this shirt is what makes it special for me. I’ve seen tons of loose burnout shirts before in similar cuts to this, but they all seem to plain and boring.

vintage rings. ox bone bracelet.

red keds champions.

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